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Welcome to Ultimate Destiny Success System

Realize Your Potential, Fulfill Your Life Purpose and Create Your Ultimate Destiny!

“Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have.”  — Mark Twain

Solving Life’s “Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles”
Which Puzzle Pieces Are Most Important to You?

“Who else wants to realize your full potential,
fulfill your life purpose, attain financial freedom,
achieve success in your work, enjoy loving relationships
and optimal health, and attain spiritual enlightenment?”   

The Secret - Ultimate Destiny Success System

Every recommendation and insight shared in The Secret book and movie is included in “The Ultimate Destiny Success System!”

Are you ready to discover the real secrets to enjoying ultimate success in every area of life? 

Just imagine how empowered and successful you will feel as you:

*  realize more of your ultimate potential
*  enjoy loving supportive relationships
*  achieve ultimate success in business
*  achieve financial freedom and prosperity
*  enjoy optimal health and fitness
*  attain spiritual enlightenment and
* enjoy peace and balance in every area of life

“It has taken humanity thousands of years to learn that it has the power to control its own destiny.” – – Ernest Holmes

Ultimate Destiny has devoted thousands of hours to design an innovative system that will help you choose the resources that will be most valuable to you right now. Our goal: to help you see, believe and achieve everything you want to be, do and have stewardship over! The Ultimate Destiny Success System™ is an innovative new system will help you achieve ultimate success in every facet of fulfilling your purpose and manifesting your ultimate destiny.
Successful Living Skills Series - Ultimate Destiny Success System
Inside  the “Ultimate Destiny Success System”you’ll find 101 exercises, tools and techniques that will help you discover — or rediscover – what you really want in life and how to get it. You’ll uncover your deepest |desires. You’ll find out who you are, why you are here and where you are going. Then you’ll learn what you need to do to realize the richest results in the fastest time possible as you make those dreams reality.
Imagine this: You clearly envision your ultimate potential and you enjoy every aspect of life everyday as you progress toward your vision. You’re able to powerfully express yourself. You understand your true identity, vision and mission in life. You know how to be more effective and happy, and how to leverage your time, energy and money to enhance your ultimate success in every area of life. Wouldn’t that be great?

What if you could begin every day of the rest of your life in the highest possible state of mind, enjoying peace, tranquility and self-assurance as you follow your vision, knowing you are fulfilling your mission in life. How would that feel?

Imagine being able to soar through life, enjoying happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction as you set and achieve your priority goals in every area of life.

Imagine being able to clearly see, believe and achieve your unlimited potential as the co-creator of your life and your ultimate destiny. It truly is possible – IF you know how.

That’s what this brand new course “The Ultimate Destiny Success System” will help you to do.

It’s not like any other program you’ve ever bought. This system is filled with tested and proven strategies for realizing more of your inherent potential.

How does it accomplish this?

This program was designed for YOU. Every section is there because people just like you asked for it!
We set up a simple webpage asking people what they needed to know in order to feel blessed, happy and fulfilled.

Then we answered them!


We tapped a variety of experts and developed the tools and techniques to help you realize your deepest desires and your fondest dreams, to discover who you are, why you are here, where you are going and what to do next to get there in the quickest time frame, with the richest results by using the most enjoyable processes.

The Ultimate Destiny Success System is actually 14 programs in one system with 14 e-books that cover one facet of successful living.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover in the “Ultimate Destiny Success System.”  

A little later,  we will share the Secret of Motivision™ that will help you motivate yourself to achieve your vision, but right now, I want to share with you the 16 most important  “successful living skills”™ used by every successful person and company that you will learn how to acquire and apply in this program:
[table id=3 /]

The Ultimate Destiny Success System will help you put all the pieces of your life together in the most perfect way for you so you can:

  • Learn how to always know what your dreams and desires are in every area of life
  • Enjoy the wonders of heart-mind coherence and balance.
  • Produce maximum results from any activity and effort you expend.
  • 3 simple ways to clarify and most effectively articulate your vision and mission
  • Generate and maintain the highest level of purpose and self-motivation as you set and accomplish
    goals and objectives.
  • Live, act and create from the highest possible levels of consciousness, empowerment and enlightenment.
  • The little-known way to go within and let the Creative Power of the Universe show you how to see,
    believe and achieve the rich treasures that are your inheritance.
  • Proven steps to setting powerful intentions to take control of your ultimate destiny and produce the
    results you want automatically.
  • Discover your soul’s deepest desires and potential.
  • Create your ideal life every day, moment by moment, as the powerful Co-creator you always have been.
  • Discover how to be constantly evolving your level of consciousness.
  • Take control of your life and fulfill your ultimate destiny.
  • AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to master and manage your emotions, energy
    and feelings
    so they propel you toward your dreams and desires to the greatest possible degree.
  • Learn how to use 4 proven strategies for tapping your creative powers of imagination.
  • Discover how to apply Universal Laws and tested and proven successful living skills to help
    you accomplish anything you want in life.
  • Live your life at the highest possible levels of love, peace, joy, harmony, happiness, satisfaction
    and fulfilment.
  • Constantly improve and increase your levels of empowerment, enlightenment and consciousness.
  • 7 tips and techniques for becoming the architect of your most enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle, master of your fate and captain of your own ship as you create your ultimate destiny!
    1. Imagine your ultimate destiny
    2. Envision and manifest your desired outcomes.
    3. Honor and nurture your heart’s desires.
    4. Set and achieve empowering goals.
    5. Develop and implement effective action plans.
    6. Maintain joyful feelings of appreciation, bliss and gratitude.
    7. Express and share your creative powers with those you love so they grow and take control of their ultimate destiny also.

Have you been looking for something like this for ages?

 “Ultimate Destiny Success System”  offers you an inexpensive way to enjoy the rewards of over 40 years of research and development and the investment of tens of thousands of dollars we invested to discover, create and prepare these concepts, tools and techniques for you to enjoy applying in your life to help you discover and manifest your ultimate destiny. 

Summary of the Master Keys and Secrets That You Will Discover and Apply as you Use the Ultimate Destiny Success System:

Your Potential

Your Consciousness Level

Harnessing Your
Creative Mind Power

Fostering Personal and Planetary

Loving Relationships

Achieving Ultimate
Success in Business

Enjoying Peace
Joy and Balance

Living in Alignment with
Universal Laws

Financial Freedom

Enjoying Ultimate
Health and Fitness

Leaving an
Ultimate Legacy

Radiating feelings of gratitude that attract your dreams to come to you

Here’s another peek at what you’ll discover in the
“Ultimate Destiny Success System.”

  •  How to successfully make the right choices every moment of every day that ultimately ensure your success in every area of life.
  •  How to tap your inherent powers of genius so you always enjoy the best possible results from every activity and every investment of time, energy and money.
  •  REVEALED! The hidden truth behind the 12 Secret Steps to discover and manifest your ultimate destiny! These steps are used by most highly successful individuals. Now, their secret is yours.
  •  Your secret weapon for overcoming any fears, doubts, worries, negative thinking, low energy, mangled emotions, mental, physical and emotional handicaps.

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in the “Ultimate Destiny Success System”
That’s why you should
own this comprehensive system with 14 empowering programs!
(in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!)

Click Here To Get Started Now

(You don’t need PayPal or any special internet accounts – just a credit card. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

What’s a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would cost you several hundred dollars an hour, totaling $500? $5,000? $50,000? (We should know, that’s what it cost us!). This isn’t some boiler-plate collection of answers. It’s laser-guided accurate information that you need — SPECIFICALLY the exercises, tools and techniques that will help you discover (or rediscover) your deepest desires, your fondest dreams and help you know who you are, why you are here, where you are going and what to do next to get there in the quickest time frame, with the richest results and the most enjoyable processes.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it’s easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out. “The Ultimate Destiny Success System” is actually an entire library of self-discovery information and guidance, and at such a bargain discount investment!

That’s right,  you can get this information instantly, right now, at a fraction of what it cost our team
to do the research
. Why would we make it so affordable? Simply because we want to share this wisdom with others who will benefit from it and our costs to deliver it to you are so low.

This is an electronic program (series of e-books) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering and applying all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now.

We don’t have to level a forest to print it out or pay sky-high gas prices to ship it to a store. We can offer this fantastic resource of information to more people and make our investment back over time. And yes, the price of
the book can’t stay this low for long. Once we get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, we plan to
at least double the cost. You can save at least HALF by ordering quickly.

Summary of Major Features and Benefits of the
“Ultimate Destiny Success System”

[table id=4 /]

As a result of studying and applying the breakthrough technologies and exercises
presented in the Ultimate Destiny Success System, you will be enabled
and empowered to embody Paul J. Meyer’s success formula.

“Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe
and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.”
Paul J. Meyer  

  • You will be empowered to vividly imagine your ultimate destiny
  • You will enjoy accelerated success because of your ardently held desires
  • The self-discovery work you do will reinforce your sincere beliefs
  • And the goals setting and strategic planning exercises you complete will help ensure that you always enthusiastically act positively, effectively and efficiently as you  design and manifest your ultimate destiny which must inevitably come forth.

Have No Regrets!      Activate Your Ultimate Destiny Now!

How would you like to look back from the future as you near the end of your life and have no regrets about how you lived your life?  What if you waited too long to discover your life purpose? Would you have regrets like the seniors whose answers to a survey are provided in Have No Regrets?

Have No Regrets (Survey of 4,000 Retired Executives) Conducted by: Dr. Gerald Bell, University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management

Note: The information within parenthesis demonstrates the resources available from Ultimate Destiny University that are directly related to each area of life.)

The executives surveyed were an average of 70 years of age and were asked this question:

“If you could live your live over, what would you do differently?”

Their responses were as follows:

* I would have carved out life goals and owned my life. Life was not practice, it was the real thing. I should have taken charge of my life with goal setting.

Ultimate Destiny University provides the best selling goals program of all time, The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting by Paul J. Meyer along with several other powerful programs by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, etc.

* I would have taken better care of my health. I threw away health as though it were trash.

Ultimate Destiny University is coalescing the world’s best, tested and proven resources for taking better care of our members health, including programs and products from experts such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Covert Bailey  and nutritional food products from well established companies.

* I would have managed my money a lot more effectively.

(Ultimate Destiny University provides some of the world’s best resources on generating and managing wealth from experts such as Robert Kiyosaki and Paul J. Meyer, T. Harv Eker, Loral Langemeier, Robert Allen, Catherine Ponder, Edwene Gaines, Lynne Twist, Mark Victor Hansen)

* I would have worked on quality family goals a lot more.

(Ultimate Destiny University features best selling programs from Family Motivation Inc, Barry Spilchuk, John Gray and others)

* I would have spent more time on personal development.

(Ultimate Destiny University specializes in bringing you the best programs on personal growth and development including hundreds of seminars and workshops from the University for Successful Living)

* I would have had a lot more fun in my life.

(Okay, we admit it. . . Maybe this is an area we could use a little balance in because developing our company is about the most fun any of us involved ever enjoyed!) 

* I would have planned my career.

(In addition to coaching and mentoring programs, Ultimate Destiny University presents Successful Living Skills, the MyTyme Personal Success Planner and Effective Personal Management Workshops which are the most effective we have ever experienced)

* I would have lived in oneness with my God and or given more back to my community.

(Through our strategic alliance with CENTER SPACE and other nonprofit organizations involved in fostering spiritual growth, Ultimate Destiny University offers a treasure chest of resources for spiritual enlightenment and prosperity including books, tapes and seminars and workshops based
on the classic works of Ernest Holmes, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Rev. Catherine Ponder, Norman Vincent Peale, Sir John Marks Templeton, Paul J. Meyer, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and others.)

Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have.
– Mark Twain

Think about it . . . these retired executives clearly felt that their lives would have been far more productive
and meaningful if they had had access to, and taken advantage of, the wealth of resources available to you today
from Ultimate Destiny University.

Just consider for a moment how many millions of people in America alone don’t have nearly as much access
to these types of development and transformational resources as executives do. That is part of the reason we
created Ultimate Destiny University, published the Ultimate Destiny Success System”  and launched our Expanding the Circle of Success project to donate Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems through local non-profit organizations.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

Find Somewhere You Can Dream

“Find somewhere you can dream. It may be in a church; it may be along the banks
of a stream or at a park. Find someplace where you can dare to dream big dreams;
a place where your faith will be elevated. Get out of any negative environment and
get into an atmosphere of victory, where people build you up rather than tear you
down. Find a place where people will encourage you and challenge you to be the
best you can be. Find a place where people inspire you to reach for new heights.

Friend, you will have to envision good things happening to you before they ever will.”  

Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now; 7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential

We can’t imagine a better way to describe what we are offering to you through Ultimate Destiny University
and the “Ultimate Destiny Success System than “Someplace You Can Dream”.  After all,
we know that your dreams are waiting for you to come true,  Imagine That!

Congratulations on taking action now to activate your creative power and take control of your future.  We look forward to helping you discover your dreams, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your ultimate destiny.

II wish you great success on the path to fulfilling your ultimate destiny!


Charles Betterton

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